Video Surveillance Solutions

Video surveillance is more important than ever – it goes beyond security.

In the constantly evolving tech landscape, traditional security cameras have been transformed into an IP tool for better insight into security, safety, and human behavior.

That’s why you need a video management platform that empowers your organization to view, record, and manage video data.

video surveillance solutions in Kansas City
With Smart Dog IT, your video surveillance solutions can be customized to your needs.

It’s not just the cameras that you need, but an entire video management system that is easy to use, scalable, and has an open architecture that lets your organization seamlessly leverage your existing technology investments while minimizing disruptions as hardware and software continue to evolve.

Easy to use. Scalable. And open architecture.

And with Smart Dog IT, that’s what you will get.

Whether you are a small, local business or part of a massive global brand, or somewhere in between, we can provide you a platform that is amazingly simple in its deployment yet infinitely scalable to your needs.

Essential Video Management Components

When it comes to your video management platform, there are key components that you need, including:

  • Next generation video management software
  • Easy access to live video and playback, plus camera controls and PTZ functions – all from your phone
  • Powerful license plate recognition recording AND alerting capabilities
  • Synchronized POS transactions, video data, and exception-based reporting systems
  • Turn any desktop computer screen into a video feed for monitoring computer activity

Of course, we provide the appliances to make this all work.

Your video data platform will be powered by hardware that is engineered for continuity and durability and offers a wide range of powerful workforce and NVRs to match your unique needs.

Why an open cloud video platform?

An open cloud video platform is key when it comes to ensuring seamless integration with your existing, and future, technology investments and smart building solutions.

Video surveillance with seamless integrations to other technologies.

Highlights of our open cloud video data platform include:

  • Free web and mobile clients – consistent web and mobile experience at no extra cost, with no additional servers to access live and recorded video, preconfigured views, and maps.
  • Interactive mapping – Plot and view cameras on satellite based GPS maps or custom images such as building floorplans and associate maps with views.
  • Visual alerts – Receive visual alerts on events, dynamically create views from cameras on maps, and display corresponding maps for cameras in alarm view.
  • Custom tabs – Create tabs from individual cameras and view layouts, just like web browser tabs. Keep important cameras readily available for immediate viewing.
  • Text search – Search for events, cameras, and views across all NVRs by typing key words into a search box.
  • Density and bandwidth – With multi-streaming and dynamic resolution scaling, effectively utilize your bandwidth, computer, and storage resources to minimize network and hardware costs.
  • Quick tracking – Easily capture live video across multiple cameras with our ability to create a seamlessly stitched video into a single clip. You can subsequently find, review, and export an entire incident as one event.
  • Access control integrations – Our video management solution provides free integrations with over 20 industry-leading access control solutions. With our bi-directional access control solutions, you can search for events and alarms from access control solutions within our platform, and pull up video within your access control solution.

From entry-level to mid-level to enterprise, we’ve got a solution for you, so let us help you figure out your needs and provide you with the best possible solution.

And our solutions are integrated with thousands of cameras, access control, and analytics solutions, so you don’t have to worry about whether our solution will work. We will make sure they do.

Call Smart Dog IT today (or fill out the simple form below), and let’s talk about how our platform can drive your business operations with actionable video intelligence.