Infrared and Thermal Imaging Camera Solutions

Smart Dog IT offers several options for Thermal Imaging and Infrared Camera solutions for our customers. The system can accurately read the temperature of multiple people simultaneously, per second with an accuracy of ≤0.54 Degrees F. It can also be integrated with facial recognition software which would alert the company and supervisor that someone with a higher than normal temperature has attempted to enter the building.

It all connects back to the heartbeat of your building through the structured cabling system that lives in the background and makes everything in your building go.

Why would you need themal imaging and infrared camera solutions for your Kansas City area building?

  • Help protect customers and employees from exposure to Covid-19.
  • Eliminate the need to screen people as they enter your building or place of business.
  • Notify the organization and management that someone has a higher than normal temp.
  • Integrates with facial recognition and other CRM software.
  • Perfect for Hospitals, Manufacturing, Logistics, Hospitality, and Retail.

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