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Vonage Contact Center with Smart Dog IT

NXTsoft Elevates the CX and Banking Experience

Whether at their desk or on the road, consumers expect banking applications to be accessible and easy to use. They choose self-service for many of their needs. But when it comes time to talk with a representative, the response should be fast and efficient. This is where a quick, comprehensive view of their accounts is a must.

Thanks to Vonage Contact Center and NXTsoft, your banking representatives now have real-time data access to provide high-touch assistance. When customers call, their relevant records are instantly displayed.

By connecting your core banking solutions to your contact center, you will drive business efficiency with pre-built integrations between banking systems and your contact center, boost cybersecurity with earlier detection of threats and intrusion, and ensure consistent banking experiences across digital and mobile applications.

No matter what your customers want — to initiate a loan, open a CD, set up a 529 educational savings account, or other banking needs — your staff can help immediately.

Smart Dog IT and improved banking experiences

Features and Benefits

Customer-Focused CX

Vonage and NXTsoft tailor banking experiences around customers’ needs:

• make payments
• open accounts
• originate loans
• move funds

Enhanced Security

NXTsoft uses strong encryption and authentication, applying their expertise in financial applications to boost security of customer accounts.

Industry-Leading Integrations

Pre-built integrations with leading FinTech systems helps manage deposits, documents, ledgers, mortgage loans, payments, point-of-sale systems, and more.

Improve customer engagement

Eliminating wait times associated with account lookups increases customer satisfaction.

Gain operational efficiencies

Improving the speed to response drives shorter handle times, lowers costs, and positively impacts your bottom line and customer service.

Grow your institution

Enhancing engagement and loyalty can motivate customers to refer you to their friends and family, and help expand your bank or credit union.

How Can Smart Dog IT Help You?