Access Control Solutions

Are you looking for a custom-tailored access solution that makes people feel safe and secure in simple and convenient ways while also ensuring the safety and security of your information and assets?

At Smart Dog IT, we simplify access security by putting you, the customer, first, with a comprehensive access control solution that works for your specific needs.

Smart Dog IT access control solutions

Our access control solutions will seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure systems to provide you with real-time control and alerting of any potential intruders, breaches in security, or unauthorized access.

With our open platform software, reliable hardware, and powerful integrations, you can be assured you are getting the absolute finest in access control and identity management.

Here’s the thing, access control systems are not just about security – they are the centerpiece of every modern smart building.

Why Integrated Access Control Systems?

An integrated access control system lets you monitor building occupancy, social distancing, and even contact tracing in a safe and unobtrusive way that gives everyone peace of mind.

Access control leads to better building health – for the physical building and occupants – and greater peace of mind for all those vested in the facility.

At its core, a modern access control solution in any facility – whether public or private – should be 3 things:

  1. Minimally invasive
  2. Easily deployed
  3. Financially justifiable

Tools in Access Control Solutions

A comprehensive access control solution should give you a variety of tools that you can choose from to provide the most reliable solution.

Tools that should be included are:

  • Card Readers
  • Mobility and Biometric Identification Systems
  • Magnetic Door Locks
  • Electronic Access Systems
  • Physical and Asset Protection
  • Security Control Systems

Our access control systems are scalable and flexible to work with your existing system while providing you with the latest technology, functionality, and usability.

Alternatively, we can work with you and our cabling experts and system providers to create the best access control system for your unique situation.

And, of course, you will want seamless integration with your video surveillance solutions.

The time is now to take control of your building access.

Whether your company is addressing physical security, information security, or asset protection, a comprehensive access control system is at the heart of securing your business, your assets, your customers, and your employees.

Smart Dog IT is your trusted source for these intelligent and innovative access solutions. Call today or fill out the form below.