9 Benefits of IP Video Surveillance In Your Smart Building

Are you ready to make the jump to the cloud for your video surveillance needs?

Smart Dog IT video surveillance benefits
Cloud-based video solutions provide many benefits

It can be a little intimidating, but really, the internet protocol video solutions that are available to you in 2022 for your surveillance and security needs make it easier and more user-friendly than it’s ever been.

Let’s look at 9 benefits of IP video surveillance for your smart building:

  1. Cost effective – With many cloud-based surveillance solutions you are able to defer the cost of the system in the form of ongoing monthly service agreements and bypass the large capital investment in hardware to manage all of your video needs. Sure, there is an upfront investment, but the ability to manage your solutions on the cloud makes that upfront investment easier to swallow for building owners and managers.
  2. More secure – With traditional security cameras, there was always a fear that someone could hack the camera and gain access to your building. However, with IP addresses and the ability for traditional video surveillance in smart buildings to be plugged in through a dedicated line, that fear is eliminated. Or, at least, greatly reduced.
  3. Remote access ready – With the flexibility of today’s solutions, it’s easy to monitor your facility (and many areas throughout your facility) via smartphone, table, or computer. Whatever you want and whenever you want.
  4. Record everything – It’s all recorded in the cloud and available at any time to you. Whether you want to check out yesterday’s point-of-sale camera or look at everyone who entered your facility, it’s all there and easily accessible.
  5. AI detection – The technology in video solutions has come a long way. So far that in today’s IP video solutions, there is baked in artificial intelligence that automatically detects abnormal behavior and immediately alerts you. Instead of finding out tomorrow that you had a problem last night, the AI powered cloud-based video solutions of today will let you know immediately when there is a problem. Reduce and eliminate tresspassing, vandalism, and crime with your cloud-based video solution.
  6. Alert athourities – Taken that a step further, today’s solutions can even automatically alert authorities when abonormal activity is detected. Today’s systems can be set up however you want when it comes to contacting authorities.
  7. Reduce false alarms – With the ability to automatically detect abnormal and suspicious activity, you also have the opportunity to quickly assess any given situation, thus reducing the frequency and likelihood of false alarms.
  8. Identify the suspicious – With 24-7 cloud-based access and AI powered video surveillance, you can also be alerted to and keep track of suspicious behavior, both inside and outside your facility. Maybe someone has been in your facility before and caused a problem. Well today’s solutions can automatically alert you when that person comes around again and you can take the measures you need to difuse the situation beforehand.
  9. Peace of Mind – The biggest benefit of all. With the right video surveillance solution, you will have peace of mind knowing that your facility is under the watchful eye of a state-of-the-art solution that works for you 24/7 to keep your investment safe and secure.

With the advent of internet protocol video solutions, building owners and managers have more options than ever before when it comes to security cameras and surveillance, and Smart Dog IT is here to help you with that.

These solutions are cost-effective, secure, and easy to use, and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Call Smart Dog IT today so we can discuss your needs and work together to find the best IP video surveillance solution for you.